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Game Details

Release name : Seance Build 10760805

Size : 657.69 MB


Title : Seance

Genre : Action

Developer : 1Wish Games

Publisher : 1Wish Games

Store: click here

Release Date : 13 Mar, 2023





About This Game :

Run, hide, scream. It is up to you to do whatever it takes to survive. Survive what, you might ask? How about the demon hunting you down.

Armed with a flashlight, you must scour the forest in hopes of finding cursed artifacts. Only when you find them, can you banish the demon and return home.

Be warned, these artifacts aren’t easy to find…

About you, the player:

You are a brave soul who hopes to banish the demon that haunts your favorite sector of the nearby woods. You are slow when you walk, but you know how to haul cheeks when you start sprinting. However, you do run out of stamina rather quickly–unlike the demon chasing you. You can also jump (wow!), use items in your inventory, and interact with special objects around the map.

About the demon who wants to kill you:

Your supernatural enemy is pretty cracked compared to you. It can go through walls, fly, attack you, and even sense when you pick up an artifact (best get to steppin).

About the forest:

The wooded area you must scour for artifacts isn’t the smallest place, but it’s also not too big. You won’t have to do too much running, but you will break a sweat. Scattered around this forest are five cursed artifacts. They can be collected by you, and once you collect them, you can find the séance circle and banish the demon for good.

Gameplay features:

The features to expect go as follows. Your character has basic walking/sprinting/jumping movement. You also have a stamina bar indicating how long you can sprint for, which regenerates over time. You spawn inside a forest, where five artifacts are hidden. You must look for the artifacts and collect them. There is a demon chasing you constantly, and it can kill you. Once you find all five artifacts, you must find the séance circle and interact with it to banish the demon and accomplish your mission.

Good luck, you’ll need it.


System Requirements for Seance Download Free


Memory: 4 GB RAM


How To Install Seance Download Free

1. Download The Game.
2. Extract with WinRAR
3. Play!.


Download Seance Download Free

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