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Game Details

Release name : Armored Lab Force VULVEHICLES Build 9489615

Size : 193.69 MB


Title : Armored Lab Force VULVEHICLES

Genre : Action, Casual

Developer : ASTRO PORT

Publisher : Henteko Doujin

Store: click here

Release Date : 25 Aug, 2022





About This Game :


Raze the road less traveled with your
, the ultimate all-purpose armored combat machine!
Whether flying through the sky or burrowing deep underground, these gals stop at nothing to blast through terrain and enemies alike in this comical action STG!



The year is 2010 AD.
The Avic branch of the Super Electric Science Institute is home to a quirky ragtag group of researchers from all corners of the galaxy living in harmony.
Until one day, the TDF (Terran Defense Force) launched an aggressive armed campaign to eliminate all alien lifeforms on Avic and takes control of the land occupied by the institute.
Standing in their way, however, is six beautiful girls armed with 12 different all-purpose armored combat vehicles known as “Vulvehicles”.
Can these carefree heroines really save their research branch and bring peace back to the planet Avic?



The imprudent screwball.
Communications officer From the planet Adry. A good-natured gal who steps up to command the ragtag defense force, but always shows her boldness at the worst possible time.
Her Vulvechs are the standard well-balanced
Potato Masher
and the holo decoy-equipped, disruptive beam wielding
The ostensibly cool collected fighter.
A close-combat specialist from the planet Chaitram. She pretends to be calm and collected but tends to become flustered easily.
Her Vulvechs are the
, which fires a splitting sword in a fan shape, and the
, which fires a dagger horizontally over a wide area.
The bumbling branch leader.
The assistant branch leader from the planet Ramulon. Despite her questionable leadership skills, her presence always somehow manages to keep her rambunctious bunch of subordinates in check.
Her Vulvechs are the
, which burns its enemies with fire and flames, and the
, which combines high firepower and high mobility.
The timid idealist.
The genius human mechanic who made the upgrades to the assault ship Siebold during Operation Wolfram. She is an idealistic girl who is easily influenced by and often too trusting of others.
Her Vulvechs are the
, equipped with bouncing ninja stars, and the
, which fires powerful drill projectiles.
Small size, big attitude.
A highly respected biologist from the planet Rilt. She is known by her coworkers, however, as a mad scientist who uses her wicked syringe on others without mercy.
Her Vulvechs are the Needle Kaiser-type wide-range attack vehicle
and the Rocket Kaiser-type explosive attack vehicle
The easy-going cynic.
A Cybernetic historian who plans to document the rise and fall of the galaxy. Armed with an acid tongue, she is quick to complain and ready to make sarcastic remarks at a moments notice.
Her Vulvechs are the
, which fires a barrage of homing missiles, and the
, which fires a barrage of refractive homing lasers.



Swap between Vulvehicles as you fight off oncoming enemies and defeat powerful stage bosses!
High firepower, guided weapons, long-range weapons, high mobility…… Choose from 12 completely original vehicles specially made to match the fighting styles on the home planets of their drivers.
Seize victory through the strategic use of [Teleport Change]s, knowing when to fight and when to flight, and effectively balancing the precious resources of your Vulvehicles.



  • 6 areas and 24 stages in total
  • 12 unique types of vehicles to play as
  • 5 different difficulty levels


System Requirements for Armored Lab Force VULVEHICLES Download Free


OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11

Processor: Intel Pentium3 1GHz or better

Memory: 2 GB RAM

Graphics: Integrated Graphics Chip

DirectX: Version 8.1

Storage: 450 MB available space

Sound Card: Integrated Sound Chip


How To Install Armored Lab Force VULVEHICLES Download Free

1. Download The Game.
2. Extract with WinRAR
3. Play!.


Download Armored Lab Force VULVEHICLES Download Free

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